Thursday, July 26, 2012

Under Construction

Hello there!!

Thank you to all of you who are visiting my new little home in the blogosphere! I hope you will sit down for a spell, have a cool glass of sweet tea and kick your shoes off. :-)

Before the She Speaks Conference last weekend (the most INCREDIBLE writers and speakers conference EVER!!), I registered this site with Blogger. That is ALL I did! My apologies to all of you who stopped by from She Speaks and saw a dustbowl of nothingness on my blog. I promise that will change from this day forward - GUARANTEED!

I titled this post "Under Construction," and it made me think of how we are all under construction, too. We all long to be constructed in God's wonderful image each day, and, thankfully, when we accept Christ as the Lord of our lives, He promises to be with us each day, molding and shaping us into His image. What an awesome God we serve! Hallelujah!

This blog will be changing its look really soon because I am going to be working with Jami Leigh of Fount of Inspiration. She is a gifted designer of blogs, websites and e-books, but, most importantly, she loves the Lord! I cannot wait to see what she does, so stay tuned!!

See you all SOON!!

Lara <><


  1. Great first post, lady!! Love you!! :)

  2. Hurrah! LOve your new blog and you, Southern Gal! God so has us all under construction and I can't wait to see what He does in our lives!
    Hugs, Michelle